Beach Access

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Address: South St. Ext, East Dennis
Parking: Parking lots along entrance road
Amenities: Walking trails and beach

As you pass by the entrance to Crowe’s Pasture, you will travel by a parking lot on the right, and then continue until you encounter a split in the road. Bear right around the island in the middle of the road, and just beyond this point, you will see a small single lane, sandy road to the left which often is gated. This is where you will enter to walk to Coles Pond. By to park first, there are several parking in the vicinity to leave your car. Walk down the sandy lane which is wide enough for one car (for maintenance and fire control), and continue by pitch pine-oak woods on either side, and when you come to a split in the road/path. Here you may take either path, but you may wish to first travel down the left path to wind around to where there is an overlook at Coles Pond (pictured) and an interpretive sign. A bench was placed in this scenic spot to sit and take in the view. After a rest, continue down the trail and you will find that it links up to the same trail you would have been on, should you have turn right at the previous intersection. Now if you take this path back to the intersection, it will take you to where you began at the gate. Count on at least a 20 minute walk and view of the pond. There are many trails at Crowe’s Pasture to extend your walk down to Cape Cod Bay and the sand flats at low tide. You may wish to check the Town of Dennis’ website for a more detailed map of the entire conservation area (see link below). To the left will take you to Sea Street Beach, and to the right you will see Paine’s Creek Beach in Brewster. Out on the flats, watch oystermen attend to their aquaculture pens at low tide.