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Directly support our mission to acquire and permanently conserve lands. From monetary donations to acquire land, to charitable gifts of land, please consider the many ways you can support our effort to save land for future generations.

Dennis Conservation Land Trust Volunteers

Monetary Gifts:

Donors to the DCLT have the option to give funds for exclusive use towards the acquisition and stewardship of land or permanent conservation restrictions on land. These gifts can be made at any time, while property-specific contributions can be made during acquisition campaigns.

Gifts of Land:

Land donated outright will be held in its natural state for conservation purposes. The appraised value of the land at the time of the gift is deductible against federal income taxes (against up to 30% of adjusted gross income in the year of donation and for five years thereafter). In addition to federal deductions, landowners with eligible land may qualify for MA tax credits equal to the lesser of 50% of the donation value and $75,000.

Conservation Restriction (CR):

A CR is a voluntary agreement that enables you to retain ownership of your land subject to a loss of some development rights on all or part of the property. The restriction must protect conservation values such as the natural, scenic, and open condition of the land. The diminished value of the land becomes a deduction against 50% of adjusted gross income for the year of donation, and the amount not used carries forward for an additional 15 years. Property tax reduction can be considerable if building sites are extinguished.

Reserved Life Estate:

A transfer of title to the DCLT today, while keeping (reserving) your lifetime occupancy or use of the property by the donor. Actuarial tables and appraised value of the property determine deduction values.

Bargain Sale:

Landowners who agree to sell their land to the DCLT for less than the appraised value can claim the difference as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Savings on federal and state capital gains taxes often are realized. An installment sale transaction may spread out any income tax consequences in a bargain sale. In addition to federal deductions, landowners with eligible land may qualify for MA tax credits equal to the lesser of 50% of the donation value and $75,000.


Property can be given to the Dennis Conservation Land Trust (DCLT) in your Last Will and Testament. Estate taxes will be reduced since the land value is removed from the estate. Conservation restrictions left in a Will also will generate estate tax savings based on the reduced value of the land.

Your Support Matters

Since our founding in 1988, we have permanently protected over 675 acres of land in Town, and have garnered support from over a thousand members, hundreds of community volunteers, dozens of business sponsors, and an ever-growing number of students and collaborating organizations.

Please join us in our mission to protect this beloved town, today.

You can directly support our mission to protect the nature of Dennis with a monetary donation into our Land Restricted Fund.

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Your annual membership subscription helps us protect the lands and waters of Dennis for future generations.

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Conservation is a great moral issue, for it involves the patriotic duty of insuring the safety and continuance of the nation.

– Teddy Roosevelt

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