• Boardwalk at Coles Pond Bog
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  • Tadpole at Coles Pond Bog
  • Autumn walk at Coles Pond Bog
  • Winter walk at Coles Pond bog
  • Collecting data at Coles Pond Bog
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Address: 82 Coles Pond Drive, East Dennis
Parking: Residential area, park along road
Amenities: Area subject to flooding, great example of a cedar swamp along trail
Trail: Easy, sections of boardwalk, 0.35 miles

The trail head begins within a neighborhood and takes you back along a well-loved trail lined with oaks and shrubs, with some signs to remain on the trail at locations where private property lines begin and where there is no hunting. Follow a ridge within a pitch pine woodland to the beginning of a mystical cedar swamp. Our stewardship volunteers and staff laid a boardwalk through the wetland to allow you to access this special watery habitat. Catch the glimpse of a mallard pair floating between the trunks of tree who roots thrive in a submerged environment. As you depart the cedar swamp, continue on the walking trail through this coastal woodland and pass a stonewall, a reminder of the areas’ agricultural past, placed here to separate one field from another. Listen for cardinals and tufted titmouse, and watch them do their acrobatic moves to find their lunch in the high tree limbs above. To round the path may take you 20 minutes, and if you linger, and find exploring the pathways enticing, you may find you have spent a good hour feeling quite removed from the busyness of the Sea Street Beach or not too distant Route 6A.