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Address: 105 New Boston Road, Dennis
Parking: At trailhead: space for two cars; along the road.
Amenities: Walking trail, passive recreation, education, geocache trail
Trail: Easy; approximately 850 feet (15-20 min.)

The trail at Old Fort Field is a gentle walk through a cedar forest to a viewpoint on the upper reaches of Chase Garden Creek. This is a good location for taking photographs of redwing blackbirds within the marsh or you might catch a glimpse of an osprey perched on the pole across the marsh off Hall Street, another DCLT maintained property.

Take a snack or bring a sketch pad and sit on the bench provided towards the salt marsh view portion of the trail. Then walk back along the path paralleling on of our previous generation’s methods of mosquito control within salt marshes, ditches that small minnows were meant to travel and feed on insect eggs and larvae hatching within the watery narrows.

The Town purchased the CR on March 8, 2011 at which time DCLT closed on the property, opening it up for passive recreation and educational pursuits. Since that time, a walking trail has been developed and is now open for public enjoyment.