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  • Paddock Farm Conservation Area
  • Paddock Farm Paddock Farm Conservation Area wetlands
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Parking Walking Trail Historic site

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Address:30 Paddocks Path, East Dennis
Paddock’s Path off 6A at Paddock Farm Conservation Area
Amenities: Historic path passes by Paddock family cemetery, an historic site.

The Paddock Farm area combines the Town’s 6.3-acre Paddock Farm Conservation area (2007) with DCLT’s 3.5-acre Paddock Farm East (1988) and 1.4-acre Paddock Farm West (2006) properties.

Formerly the site of the Paddock Family’s centuries-old farm, trails here provide access to the Paddock Family Cemetery[t1]  and views of former cranberry lands that have since become maple-tupelo-whitecedar swamp. The western property contains a section of manmade herring run connecting Sesuit Harbor to Scargo Lake.

Extend your trail walk by crossing south of Paddocks Path at trailheads into the Town’s Princess Beach and Holl properties[t2]  along Scargo lake.

[t1]Include link to PDF on Dennis cemetery history[t2]Include link to that property page

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