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Address: 89 Sesuit Neck Road, East Dennis
Parking: Park along Sesuit Neck Road
Amenities: 1/3 mile trail, geocache, bird watching
Trail: Easy, slight elevation gain, 0.18 miles

To the right of the DCLT Sign along Sesuit Neck Road is the trail entrance that will take you on a pleasant walk bordering Quivet Marsh at its headwaters. The marsh twists and turns paralleling Route 6A and ends where it meets Sesuit Neck Road. Pitch pine and the invasive perennial wetland grass, phragmites form a screen along the trail and marsh. In changing light of day and season, the phragmites reeds take on the colors of the sky above.

Bring your binoculars for bird watching or look along the trail for signs of deer. Cross the small bridge and follow the trail as it rises along the ridge below Sesuit Neck Road and reconnects with the marshside trail, which will take you back to the trailhead.

Travel down Sesuit Neck Road to the farmland further east, and you will see additional lands protected by the DCLT with conservation restrictions preserving Dennis’ agricultural lands and heritage.