DCLT's Tobey West property map

2/23/2024 – After a deal spanning nearly four years, today DCLT acquired the final lot – “Lot 164” – of its Tobey West Conservation Project. This new piece adds 1.40 acres to the 6.53 acres protected by DCLT in 2022 and 2023, for a grand total of 7.93 acres now permanently protected. The new lot contains most of the Conservation Area’s road frontage, providing the opportunity for trail expansion and, in the future, the creation of a formal parking area for group outings.

Funding for the Tobey West Conservation Project was provided by the Town of Dennis, the Massachusetts LAND Grant Program, the Towle Ocean Conservation Foundation, the Fields Pond Foundation, the Cape Cod Five Foundation,  and an anonymous foundation. DCLT’s generous members and supporters contributed over $200,000 for the acquisition.